About J. Paul’s Food Truck

J.Paul’s started as a small, small bar and grill in Uniontown, PA back in 2007. It’s owners took great pride in their food and fun bar atmosphere. They mixed Pittsburgh style foods and ethnic foods and created some of their own style…Well although the owners loved the customers and the place, they longed for sunnier and warmer weather…. So they decided to pick up roots and sell J.Paul’s in Pennsylvania and move to Bonita Springs with their doggies and kitties and start a boat charter business… As they missed the food from their menu at the original J.Paul’s in Uniontown, and couldn’t find it in SW Florida, J Paul and Melissa decided to open a food truck and share some of their unique flavors with the Naples area… J Paul’s at Celebration Park in Naples, Florida, now serves some of the most popular items from their restaurant. That is the story of J.Paul’s food truck!